The Owyhee River, often described as “The Grand Canyon of the Northwest,” is the perfect early spring river trip. This designated Wild and Scenic Desert River journeys through a bizarre landscape of lava flows, granite cliffs, and sandstone formations. It is full of wildflowers and exotic wildlife unique to the canyon.

Hiking in this canyon is a favorite among our guests and guides, providing great overlooks, diverse geologic formations, and exciting slow canyons to explore.

You will float through awe inspiring cliffs towering 1,500 feet above you in the tight canyon while prairie falcons, eagles, and other raptors soar above you. Witness Bighorn Sheep, Pronghorn

Antelope, the American Badger are just a few of the notable wildlife species that will be scrambling over the rocky talus slopes above you.

The Lower Owyhee is a fun class III+ whitewater river throughout. Perfect for the extreme adventurer but still good for families and kids 12 yrs. or older. As you may have seen on other free-flowing rivers, it has white sand beaches and natural hot springs around almost every river bend. Rafting the Owyhee provides a true feeling of wilderness and a chance to visit a rarely seen part of the U.S.

The Owyhee runs in the springtime between April and May. Water flows are inconsistent and occasionally these trips are not available. In the case of water flow issues you may reschedule for the following year or opt for an equally-exciting trip on the Snake River in Hells Canyon. Please get in contact with us for more information on river flow details.


  • Natural hot springs for a fun mid-day soak
  • Chance of seeing unique wildlife species not seen on any other river trip in the west
  • Great Whitewater around every river bend to keep the pace on the river exciting


Owyhee River